About us


A company established in recent years. the main products of BENTOBEN contains phone cases and tablet cases and other mobile accessories. BENTOBEN owns its Amazon selling team and Wish and Ebay selling team over 9 countries throughout nearly all over 5 continents, There is
its Customer Service Team. R&D department,Logistics department, IT department which delicate 
much too contribution to BENTOBEN's Brand.     

  BENTOBEN’s Growth

Besides it,the rapid growth of our sales and our young team’s creative ideas also brought BENTOBEN an amazing success in recent years.


Ben is always thinking of how to become real Ben.
Ben is always working to reach Ben’s people.
                                    Ben is always changing to narrow the gap between Bens                                     


BENTOBEN currently aims to arrive at another level of our spirit field. We are not only the sellers for the customers, We will be a friend, a partner, a teammate,  a listener………..to live in your heart, Since life is hard, why not be with Bentoben. We are together.
Welcome to contact us Info@bentoben.com