Affliate Program

1. What's Affiliate Program?
2. How Does TOMTOP’s Affiliate Program Work?
3. Why Choose TOMTOP?
4. Why is TOMTOP Official Affiliate Program Recommended?
5. What is Affiliate Point?
6. How to Join Our Affiliate Program?


What's Affiliate Program?

Earn money without having to actually sell anything! You don't even need a website! Earning money is so easy with our affiliate program, promote Bentoben products on your website, blog, social media or any online location and receive commission on any sales you successfully refer.

How Does Bentoben’s Affiliate Program Work?

  1. Affiliates promote Bentoben’s products with referral links on their own web page.
  2. People click the referral links, get directed to and generate sales within 30 days.
  3. Affiliates earn 8-10% of sales amount as commission.

Why Choose Bentoben?

  1. Competitive tiered commission rate;
  2. High conversion rate;
  3. Monthly extra bonus for the best affiliates who generates the most sales;
  4. High-quality products with best price at Bentoben;
  5. Newsletter on top-seller products and coupons weekly;
  6. Exclusive coupons, banners and text links available.

Why is Bentoben Official Affiliate Program Recommended?

Tomtop  Official

Other Networks

    Commission Rate



    Level Duration

1 Year

1 Month

    Time for Registration

30 Seconds

> 30 Minutes


What is Affiliate Point?

The relationship among affiliate level, commission rate and affiliate points required is as follows:




    Commission Rate




    Affiliate Points Required




Affiliate Point affects your affiliate level. It is calculated based on the total sales amount generated by you. 1 USD sales amount equals to 1 Affiliate Point. The more Affiliate Point you have, the higher commission rate you enjoy.  When an order is cancelled or refunded, the affiliate point will be deducted accordingly. The duration of current affiliate level is one year, which means your affiliate level will be redefined one year later after half of the Affiliate Points required for the current affiliate level have been deducted.

Let's assume you reach Premium level on Sept. 1st, 2016, then your Affiliate Points will be deducted 5,000(half of the Affiliate Points required for the current affiliate level)  and your affiliate level will be redefined on Sept. 1st, 2017. If your Affiliate Points after deduction are less than 10,000, you will be downgraded to standard level, otherwise you will be remained in the Premium Level. 

How to Join Our Affiliate Program?

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